PSP Tubes


Now on CD

All my tubes, including templates still in layers so that you can
change colors, etc. to your preferences.  Also, all in Gif  formats
that are Web Page Ready and in Jpg formats for your printing needs.
Anything on the CD may be used as you wish, selling crafts, etc.
The only limitation is "YOU MAY NOT OFFER THE GRAPHICS OR

This is a set of 2 CDs.  Everything is organized in own folders for
your ease of use.  It also includes for you PSP Addicts, my own
presets and gradients.

The cost of $50.00 may seem high, but remember unlike some others,
I do not sell in sets, but this includes EVERYTHING!!
Free Shipping

(Some  are in unmerged layers
for filling.  Images are much smaller
than the actual PSP Files)

kkAppleBarrel.jpg (8096 bytes) kkFallLeaves.jpg (7967 bytes) kkPilgrimHat.jpg (5370 bytes) kkPilgrimHat2.jpg (4847 bytes)
kkTree.jpg (8245 bytes) kkCorn.jpg (5905 bytes) kkAcorn1.jpg (5054 bytes) kkAcorn2.jpg (5259 bytes)
kkAcorn3.jpg (5048 bytes) kkIndianCorn.jpg (5712 bytes) kkPumpkin.jpg (5242 bytes) kkSCHead.jpg (6361 bytes)
kkMushrooms.jpg (7668 bytes) kkPumpkinHouse1.jpg (6636 bytes) kkPumpkinHouse2.jpg (6688 bytes) kkSunFlowers.jpg (6725 bytes)
kkPilgrimHouse.jpg (6341 bytes) kkAppleTub.jpg (6185 bytes) kkCandyApple.jpg (5177 bytes) kkSCHead2.jpg (5732 bytes)

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