Conditions for Submitting Credit Cards for Housewives

Most credit card holders today are dominated by entrepreneurs and employees. This is reasonable because the requirements to apply for a credit card are easily obtained by entrepreneurs and employees. The requirements for applying for credit cards include photocopies of Identity Cards (KTP), photocopies of savings accounts for the past 3 months, photocopies of NPWP Continue Reading

Instant home loan: cheap with guaranteed interest?

Financing your dream home just found and at the same time benefiting from particularly favorable fixed interest rates until the full repayment of the real estate loan is what building societies promise in advertising for so-called home savings loans. Building societies praise this “modern” form of building society financing via the green clover. The long Continue Reading

The mortgage loan in the market

    When a conventional loan is refused, it is possible to finance a property acquisition by mortgaging a property. It’s the mortgage. Advantages, specificities and conditions… We will guide you through the mazes of credit with mortgage. Understanding the mortgage A mortgage is a bank loan, the guarantee of which relates to the borrower’s Continue Reading